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Version: 0.5

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I report a bug?#

To report a bug, please go over to our Discord Server where our Developer team currently active is.

Will there be mobile support?#

Our goal was from the beginning on to have SheetAble available on all your devices so you can also edit them on your Tablet/iPad and have them synchronized by your home server.

Is there an early access version?#

Yes, we will create an early access build before every release for our testers to test it and check it out. Sometimes there will be announcements on the Discord Server if any new places opened up. So if you are interested you need to give yourself the Early Access role to get pinged on the announcements.

Will there be a paid version?#

Our plan is to create a version of SheetAble that will have more functionalities. However, there will always be a free version of SheetAble with a sufficient amount of functionalities.

Is SheetAble be open source?#

Yes, SheetAble is and will stay 100% open source. Our Github organization

How can I help?#

  • Bringin new ideas to us via our Discord Server
  • Fixing typos in our Documentation
  • Write new parts for our Documentation
  • SheetAble is currently in its early ages of development, so not many people have heard about it. If you have any friends or family, who might be interested in such a product, please let them know.

What if I don't have a home server?#

We are thinking about implementing a service for hosting your sheets by us. If you would be interested in such a thing, please let us know over the Discord Server, so we can plan out if we should implement such a service.

You can also just rent a home server online and see if it would be in your interest to build one on your own.