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Currently, the only way to change most settings in SheetAble is through the env variables.

How to change environment variables#

Change vars in Docker#

To change the env variables in Docker you just have to customize your running command by adding a -e SETTING="SETTING_VALUE" to it.

Change vars natively#

You can also change env variables natively.

  • Either you add a .env file in the running directory (recommended)
    • The file should look like this:
  • You export the env var on your OS
    • Windows:
    • Unix based systems (Mac, Linux):

Available Settings#

API_SECRETThis can be any string you want with which your jwt key is going to be encrypted
DB_DRIVERmysql, postgres, sqlite
DB_HOSTUse mysql or postgres? Enter IP here.
DB_USERUse mysql or postgres? Enter db username here.
DB_PASSWORDUse mysql or postgres? Enter db password here.
DB_NAMEUse mysql or postgres? Enter db name here.
DB_PORTUse mysql or postgres? Enter db port here.
ADMIN_EMAILYour admin email
ADMIN_PASSWORDYour admin password
PORTDefault: 8080 - Can be mapped to any port you want (e.g. 8181:8080)
DEV0, 1 - if 1: activated dev mode for developing purposes
CONFIG_PATHPath where you want your data to be instead of in the root dir

Get sample .env file here